Company Overview

Callan Technology designs and manufactures robust, high precision DC servomotors for industrial applications. Since our beginning in 2001, as a result of the acquisition of the " TT" servomotor and "TGF" tachogenerator business of Pacific Scientific, Ireland (formerly Kollmorgen (Inland) Ireland), we are committed to supplying our customers with reliable solutions for their motion control requirements.

As well as standard catalog products, we provide highly customised and innovative product solutions, specially tailored to your requirements. Our strong product platform (0.1 - 30Nm) is backed up with ISO 9001:2008 accredited design and manufacturing facilities.

Callan Technology is focused on delivery of quality servomotors. Our products are engineered with special emphasis on providing a rugged, reliable solution for industrial motion requirements. Our business is built on strong customer service. We provide easy access to our design engineers in order to deliver the best solution for your unique application.

Callan Technology possesses a wide international presence and can provide local support to complement your factory direct access to design, applications and sales personnel.