TGF 2030

Callan Technology manufactures a range of Tachogenerators to fit the TT series of Servomotors. The 4-pole frameless tachos, ranging in Voltage sensitivity from 3V/krpm to 57V/krpm, although many other voltage constants can be catered for.

The TGF 2030 family of tacho generators are the standard models used in all TT-293X thru TT-9503 series motors. They replace the TG-2168, TG-2150, TGF-2100 and TGF-1800 models.

These tach armatures are secured to the motor shaft by compressing a cup washer and inserting a pin into the shaft which contacts with a V-groove in the armature hub. Models having a -247 or -266 mechanical dash number have a squared-off hub and are secured with a precision nut onto a threaded shaft.

The TGF2030-3XX series of tachogenerators are a modified version of the standard TGF2030 tachos. The modification results in a reduced voltage ripple (typically 1.2% pk-pk). If you have any questions on these models of tachos just email us for details. We have many special windings designed to cover most voltage constants. If the windings listed do not suit your application just contact us and we will design a special winding for you.

Over the years many of the old types of Tachos were obsolete and replaced with the current manufactured models. The old tacho's can be easily identified by a black plastic brush holder assembly, compared to the grey metal brush holder assembly used on the current tacho models When replacing an old tacho with a new tacho all parts must change (i.e. tach armature, tach stator and tach brush ring assembly). Click on the Replacement Chart tab above for a list of old and new models.



  • Coated in Epoxy type 3M/262
  • Temp range up to 150oC
  • Speed range up to 6000 rpm
  • Fits a Ø 0.4725" or 0.625" shaft
  • Special Voltage Windings
  • Various mechanical variations
  • Low ripple models

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