Manufacturing Capabilities

Within the Callan Technology facility we carry out the design, procurement, assembly, test and shipping of our products. We have implemented many of the World Class Manufacturing techniques right across all disciplines to ensure we have a low waste (cost) environment, good quality with on-time delivery.

This ensures that we can offer you the best product in terms of quality, delivery and cost. In fact these 3 measurements (Quality, Delivery and Cost) are the corner stones of our philosophy here in Callan Technology

For us continuous Improvement is a way of life. We achieve this
using many of the WCM techniques for example:

  • Cellular Manufacturing
  • Visual Management
  • Kaizen
  • Standard Work
  • Flexibility
  • One-Piece Flow

  • Policy Deployment.
  • 3-P (Production, Preparation, Process)
  • V.O.C. and Q.D.C.
  • Pull Inventory Management
  • Tollgate System

Designed for optimum performance and durability in demanding variable-speed motor applications, Callan Technology's DC servo motors have earned a reputation for dependability in severe operating conditions.

We offer both a broad range of both standard and customised DC Servomotors: